Nick Jonas Reveals the Secrets Behind the Jonas Brothers’ “SOS” for Song’s 15th Anniversary – E! online

SOS, it’s been over a decade and we still can’t get enough of this song.

Nick Jonas Took Tiktok to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of Jonas BrothersTrack “SOS” and more to share some “fun facts” about the iconic hit.

As Nick revealed in his 3 august video“I wrote this song when I was 13 in a hotel room in New York City.”

And it turned out, “SOS” He had a different tune when he first wrote it. The 29-year-old explained that “it wasn’t until we got into the studio John FieldsOur producers, that we were thinking, ‘This needs to be over the top and more memorable,’ so, that guitar line was born.”

But the tune was not the only thing to be changed during production. Nick shared, “It was originally titled ‘A Call I’ll Never Get’, and when it came time to make the track list for the album, everyone kept calling it ‘SOS,’ so, we went with it. “

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