Nick Cage Provides Expected Update on Face/Off Sequel

It’s not particularly strange these days for a beloved film to receive a sequel or revamp after more than a decade, just check out the highly anticipated Avatar The follow-up that is finally coming out this year. encounteralso, is targeted for a sequel, 20 years after the original. It’s been a few years since the remake was announced, but Nick Cage has now given a predictable update on the film.

Nicolas Cage was asked about the status of the sequel 1997 action thriller starring him and John Travolta while talking to comicbook.comduring which they discussed unbearable load of huge talent (one in 2022 new movie release) While nothing looks concrete at the moment, it looks like the prospect of a follow-up is looking solid right now. Here’s exactly what he said:

Neal. have had some phone calls with [Moretz], with whom I really enjoyed working on the first Face/Off. He’s one of the true great producers in Hollywood, and that’s what some are calling. Others like National Treasure, his priority was a TV show and godspeed to him, but probably face/off.

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