Nick Cage Is Finally Debt Free, But Says Hollywood And Fans Got It Wrong When He Said He Was ‘Phoning In’ To Movies

Nicolas Cage should have had one of the most incredible careers ever in the history of Hollywood. At various points he has been an Oscar winner and action hero, but more recently he has become known as the man who has made so many films over the years, many of dubious quality, that it is difficult to keep track of them all. and late Cage admitted that, yes, he did it because he needed the money.The money was not for him, and he rejects the idea that he doesn’t care about the movies or his performances.

Nicolas Cage was one of the biggest movie stars on earth in the mid-1990s. He Followed Up His Oscar Wins leaving Las Vegas with a series of hit action movies like Rock And To faceA movie so popular that its sequel is being made more than two decades later, However, around 2010, Cage’s career began to stall, after a few big-budget movies that weren’t big hits. Unfortunately, as the actor tells GQThe slowdown in his career was not only because of his own debts, but he also needed money for his mother. Joy Vogelsang, who passed away recently, Cage explains…

I’ve got all these creditors and the IRS and I’m spending $20,000 a month trying to keep my mother out of a mental institution, and I can’t. All this was happening at once.

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