Netflix’s Space Force canceled after two seasons

Netflix has canceled its workplace comedy series Space Force starring Steve Carell after a disappointing reception to the show’s second season.

netflix comedy series space force Has been canceled after two seasons. created by Steve Carell (Office, and Greg Daniels (parks and Recreation), the series focused on some of the faltering efforts of the Space Force, a newly formed branch of the US Armed Forces. Making its debut in May 2020, the show introduced Carell to the newly appointed chief of operations, General Mark R. Acted as Nair. He was accompanied by familiar faces such as John Malkovich (In the line of fire), Benjamin Schwartz (parks and Recreation), Diana Silver (book smart), Jimmy O Yang (silicon Valley), Tanny Newsom, Don Lake and Lisa Kudrow (Friend,

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now, according to deadline, space force It has been officially canceled by Netflix after its second season. Low viewership, as well as average reviews, were cited as the reasons behind the decision. 5 slot on Netflix’s Daily Top 10, the show recently joined the streamer’s second like ax show raise witch, Archive 81, And baby-sitters club,

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Inspired by former President Donald Trump’s real-life formation of the Space Force, the show was expected to boast a dedicated comedy fan base through its mediums. Office Allies Daniels and Carell. Following the start of its second season in February, the series failed in its efforts to win over audiences despite a change in creative direction and the enlistment of comedy legend Ken Quapis. Although Season 2 received a slightly warm reception, the show’s failure to achieve a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, coupled with Netflix’s ever-increasing need for flagship, financially rewarding content, meant that of space force The cancellation will likely come as no surprise to customers.

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