Netflix’s Best Squid Game Season 2 Idea Is a Front Man Prequel

Netflix has yet to flag off Squid Game Season 2, but if a sequel goes ahead, the best way to do it is with a Front Man prequel.

squid game Season 2 should be a Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) prequel. Released in September 2021, the South Korean series has quickly become a fan-favourite, climbing the Netflix charts worldwide. Now, it has officially become the streaming giant’s biggest show ever. no official word yet squid game season 2, but it’s hard to believe the digital platform won’t command another year, given how widely successful it is.

From writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk, the project was actually almost a decade in the making. It was only in 2019 that Netflix took interest in the script and gave the show a green signal. Inspired by South Korea’s penchant for game shows, squid game Centers on a group of people competing for large sums of money by playing traditional children’s games. However, it has a fatal twist – those who fail are brutally killed. The primary protagonist of the narrative is Seong Gi-hyun (Lee Jung-jae), who eventually wins the entire game. But apart from the stories of him and his fellow contestants, it also has a compelling subplot. This includes the game’s facilitator known as the front man who is a policeman. Hwang Joon-ho (Wai Ha-joon) Missing brother, Hwang In-h0.

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Director Hwang says he has no plans for a sequel at this time. This is despite the Squid game ending clearly establishing a narrative continuity where Gi-Hun goes after VIPs in hopes of closing the game of underground death. But when everyone wants to know how it will be, squid game Season 2 is better suited to tackle the front man’s backstory instead. Apart from his identity and his early ties to the sport, not much is known about In-Ho until now. It is unknown how he transitioned from being a 2015 Squid Game winner to essentially taking Front man identity As the man on the right hand side of Oh Il-nam (O Yeong-su). And now that the old man is dead, it is likely that he will replace him as the overall manager of the event. This sets up his confrontation with Gi-hun; However, tackling this immediately in the sequel isn’t really logical in terms of the show’s stability.

Once Squid Game Season 2 resolves the escalating conflict between the men, the show is effectively over, and given its popularity, Netflix doesn’t want that. There are limited options for Season 3 that won’t make it feel repetitive or too far from its premise. Through the Front Man prequel, the show can tackle how he actually won the competition. Depending on how they want to approach this, the story could offer an entirely new slate of games and ensemble casts. In-Ho’s front man as its focal point. Even if the audience already knows that he will eventually be the winner, it still has a fascinating and interesting narrative to tell because it might explain why he needed to serve as the front man. What inspired Unlike VIP, he is not wealthy, and as someone who has gone through a horrific experience, he certainly had some grudge as Gi-hyun.

It’s likely that there’s a bigger story going on regarding In-Ho’s decision to become front man. It’s worth noting that Lee has a reputation for playing nice guys who are forced to go down a dark path out of necessity. her role in korean drama Eye pupil Could serve as an inspiration for In-Ho’s future arc; In the series, he is a skilled South Korean operative who was drafted by his own country and worked alongside the North Koreans for his survival. maybe later win the squid game, In-Ho was forced to act as the game’s facilitator, leaving him with no choice. Otherwise, it is also possible that he voluntarily re-entered the operation as front man in hopes of taking it down. But instead of being as clear as Gi-hun about it, he’s playing the long game.

squid game Season 2 establishing In-ho’s character will help establish a better face-to-face between him and Gi-hyun. Whatever their future dynamic, they are the two main characters of the show at the moment. After the show explores Gi-hyun’s life, it is time In-ho receives the same treatment.

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