Netflix sues unofficial Bridgerton Musical creators for infringement – E! online

In their complaint, Netflix claimed that they repeatedly told the pair that “such acts were not authorized,” adding, “At each step along the way, Barlow & Byers representatives repeatedly assured Netflix that they We understand Netflix’s position and lead Netflix to believe that Netflix will be consulted by Barlow and Beyer before taking steps to stream their albums online in an audio-only format.”

The streaming service claimed it first learned about Barlow and Bear’s NYC performance from its representatives last June, according to court documents. This couple is also going to perform the show at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 20 September.

“Barlow and Bears”Unofficial Bridgerton Music‘ is not authorized by Netflix, Shondaland, or Julia Quinn“The lawsuit read. “And Netflix has never allowed Barlow & Bear to make or perform ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Music‘ reside at the Kennedy Center or the Royal Albert Hall, let alone, or create new derivative works based on bridgerton Intellectual Property.”

Netflix also reportedly told the pair’s reps that they did not want Barlow and Bear to engage in “any live performances” or “other derivative works that could compete with Netflix’s own planned events” including its global includes dramatic events The Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience,

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