Netflix is ​​turning seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo into a movie – E! Online

Seven Husbands, a best-selling book and Now A feature film!

On March 24, Netflix confirmed to E! News that. a conversion of Taylor Jenkens ReidAddictive 2017 Novel Evelyn Hugo’s Seven Husbands is in the works.

According to the streaming giant’s official synopsis: “Reclusive Hollywood legend Evelyn Hugo enlists an anonymous reporter, Monique Grant, to tell the story of her life. Evelyn chronicles her time in Hollywood’s golden age, rise to fame, and her seven marriages.” Revealed – surprising secrets and lies revealed. But through it all one question remains: Why has he chosen Monique for his final confession?”

Liz TigellarHulu’s . known for her work little fire everywhere, ready to write the film. During this, Margaret Chernin And Taylor, the novel’s author, will oversee the project as executive producer.

The film serves as a continuation of Netflix’s creative partnership. Lisa Chasina and 3dot productions. Lisa will produce the film in association with 3dot productions Brad Mendelsohn To circle the illusion.

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