National Treasure 3: Predicting what’s in page 47

What’s on page 47 in the President’s Book of Secrets? National Treasure 2, The answer could very well provide a plot for the long-awaited National Treasure 3, released in 2004, National treasure was a promising film that had the potential to grow into a long-running, profitable franchise for Disney. NS movie stars nicolas cage, Jon Voight, Diane Kruger, and Justin Bartha. National treasure Follows protagonists Ben, Abigail and Riley on a search for a long-lost historical treasure based on a map found behind the Declaration of Independence. Between the high-concept adventure and a winning cast, the sequel, National treasure: book of mysteries, it was soon followed in 2007.

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plans for National Treasure 3 was put into motion after the release of book of mysteries, A third film felt promising until 2010 when it was reported that writers Carlo Bernard and Doug Miró had been hired, and development of a script was underway at Disney. Things were slowing down in 2013, however, only to be reported by producer Jerry Bruckheimer. National Treasure 3 was still in development and the script was still being written. In 2018, Turtletab commented National Treasure 3The situation was not necessarily confirming that it was not proceeding, but that development had stalled with concerns about paying people fairly despite a limited budget and Disney’s focus on expanding and developing other projects. Priorities were also in the pipeline.

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even though National Treasure 3 Still stuck in the development stages, its delay is not for lack of a viable story. Reference to the mysterious page 47 created by the President of the United States (played by Bruce Greenwood) National Treasure 2 This means that the table has already been set for a new adventure. There are many possibilities for the content that could be on page 47 which will serve as the basis for National Treasure 3.

There’s something hidden in Mount Vernon

National Treasure: Book of Secrets Established that the current president had an affinity and love for America’s first president, George Washington. In the film, Ben manipulates the president into dissuading him from his birthday party at Mount Vernon (Washington’s home in Virginia). Ben leads the President into a secret network of tunnels depicted only on the property’s old map.

Although no real-life mystery theory surrounds the lives of Mount Vernon or Washington, creating a story where some of the hidden information on the property – in particular, the tunnels – is located on page 47, certainly seems like a viable direction. Is National Treasure 3,the story of. It also doesn’t hurt that the character who tells Ben to look at page 47, the president, also has an established interest in the land and residents of its most famous past.

What’s On The Missing 18 And 1/2 Minutes Of The Watergate Tape?

National treasure

The Watergate scandal has been a constant source of interest in pop culture, and it would be a fitting addition to the greater National treasure ethos. While the basics of the Watergate scandal and its aftermath have been etched into books, television, and films, there is one detail of the scandal that remains a mystery and would be the exact page 47 content: the missing 18-and-a-half minutes plus 1,000 hours of recorded conversation. more than. This will make the plot a mature theme. Nicolas Cage’s character ben gates next National treasure Brave act.

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Common belief holds that there is nothing important in the tape that hasn’t been documented in other conversations, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting to remove those typical 18-and-a-half minutes (if it’s a spontaneous conversation, why delete it? etc.) .). Given this scandal directly linked to then-President Richard Nixon, it would seem logical within the world National treasure That Nixon would have written down what happened during those 18 and 15 minutes before deleting that specific part on page 47. It will also explain why in page 47 National Treasure 2 Of particular interest to any other president down the line, who could potentially need that information for his own purposes.

Georgia Guidestone Puts Ben, Abigail and Riley on a New Mission

National Treasure 2 does not show There was a time when presidents stopped writing entries in the Book of Secrets, and some relatively recent events were mentioned in the film, including the Watergate tapes. It is therefore possible that a more recent phenomenon was mentioned on page 47: The Truth Behind the Georgia Guidestones.

Georgia Guidestones were created in 1980 in Albert County, Georgia under mysterious circumstances. To this day, the true author of the Guidestones has never been revealed. On July 1, 1979, a man working under the pseudonym of Robert C. Christiansen contacted the Alberton Granite Finishing Company; He was acting as a representative of a small group that considered themselves to be loyal Americans. They wanted to produce guidestones in the form of a calendar, a clock, and a compass, to represent values ​​that they believed were to be propagated to the rest of the country for future generations. should go. Guidestones are attractive in the sense that they are built in the same way as Stonehenge and are written in different languages. The information he holds is considered polarizing and over the years reactionary graffiti has appeared on him, all of which reject the values ​​he supports: those of peace, love, and harmony.

Naturally, several conspiracy theories have surfaced over the years as to why these guidestones exist. In addition, people have wondered who built the guidestones, why a small site in northern Georgia was chosen for their location, and so forth. The guidestone’s existence as an artifact from recent American history that touches on conspiracy-filled ideas about humanity seems fitting for the President’s Book of Secrets. It’s easy to imagine a story that unfolds National Treasure 3 In which the president has caught wind of the potentially life-changing information contained in the guidestones. Then, either the Guidestone is recorded on page 47, or the President’s book mentions the Guidestone in connection with a larger conspiracy, which the President enlists the help of Ben Gates to solve.

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The Truth Behind Secret Society Bohemian Club

National Treasure main cast with Nicolas Cage

In National treasure, the Knights Templar and Freemasons were major parts of the story, later responsible for creating the treasure map used by Ben, Abigail and Riley. It now has an established part with secret societies National treasure The appearance of another secret society in the world will not be a distant thing National Treasure 3, between and to get National treasure Movies There is an interesting overlap in these areas due to the society the president was involved in, known as the Bohemian Club.

The Bohemian Club, like the Knights Templar and Freemasons, is not necessarily a secret society, not because no one knows of their existence, but because they work in secret with members of the society, knowing that What happens behind closed doors? The Bohemian Club has existed since at least the 1870s and regular gatherings take place at Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California. Membership has been men-only and includes artists, musicians and businessmen such as William Randolph Hearst, as well as US presidents such as Richard Nixon. The details of the discussions or interactions that took place there are not widely known; What is known is that the initial discussion of the creation of the atomic bomb under the Manhattan Project took place there.

Considering (for the most part) the secrecy of the Bohemian Club, as well as the membership of various US presidents over the years, it is entirely possible that page 47 may include commentary on one of these gatherings that will take place in the future. proceeding to shape the events of. If the members of the Bohemian Club had a conversation about the creation of one of the most powerful weapons of the 20th century in the Bohemian Groves, what else could have happened there?

What to expect from National Treasure 3

National treasure

More than 10 years have passed since the release of National Treasure: Book of Secrets, is releasing National Treasure 3 The chances of this happening are decreasing. However, in an article covering the upcoming release bad boys for Life In January 2020, Hollywood Reporter mentioned that the film’s screenwriter Chris Bremer was also working on a script for the long-rumored National treasure Sequel to Disney. Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the first two National treasure have to return to the movies too National Treasure 3,

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in an interview with collider, producer Jason Reid suggested that the long wait for National Treasure 3 This was mainly because of its paleness in comparison to other Disney franchises. Pirates of the Caribbean Or Star Wars. Reid suggested that the third installment did not have enough monetary promise to prioritize its production. However, the hopelessly unclear future points to a continuation National treasure suffrage Bruckheimer as recently as May 2020, where he confirmed that National Treasure 3 was in production, as well as a Disney+ series based on the films and featuring a young cast.

Disappointingly little is still known about the plot. National Treasure 3, which is still in the script-writing stages, but it will be a decade-long disappointment if the third installment chooses to proceed without any explanation of its importance from the contents of page 47 of the President’s Secret Book. National Treasure: Book of Secrets Ben Gates was provided with the mystery material right from page 47 for further investigation, so with any luck, the screenwriters won’t leave the audience hanging on for much longer.

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