Naked and Frightened star Melanie Rauscher 35 – Dead on E! online

Melanie Rauscherwho starred in the Discovery Channel reality show naked and frightened, has died. She was 35 years old.

The former contestant sat with the dog at a home in Prescott, AZ, while the homeowners were on vacation, and when they returned on July 17, they found her dead in bed in a guest room, a representative of the Prescott Police Department said. tmz on 23 July.

The outlet reported that several cans of compressed air, often used to clean computers, were found near Rauscher’s body, and the dog was not harmed. TMZ reported that police said there were no clear signs of any malpractice and that no suicide note or drug paraphernalia was found.

I! The news has reached local authorities and has not heard back.

One Condolence message Confirmed Rauscher “died suddenly on Sunday, July 17.” it presupposes naked and frightened Starr was born and raised in Philadelphia, attended Old Dominion University in Virginia, and worked at the Prescott VA Medical Center at the time of his death. Rauscher “served honorably in the US Navy aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-17 during the Iraq War,” wrote the tribute.

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