My Hero Academia is tackling sexism in the best way possible

My Hero Academia tackles sexism in a new and interesting way with the United States’ number one hero, Star and Stripe, and its quirky New Deal.

superhero manga My Hero Academia Deals with sexism in the best way possible with America’s number one hero, Star, and Stripe. a striking hero A brave leader among his men in arms who supports him every step of the way. Still, even with powerful quirks like the New Deal, the star’s face with adversity as a woman in the military will grow her into the most ardent hero she is today.

Star and Stripe, aka Kathleen “Cassie” Bell, is a member of the US Military Forces and a student of All Might. Her hero costume is a classic American flag design, similar to American comic book heroes. Captain America and Captain Marvel, Her role model, All Might, who once saved her from thieves in the 2018 film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, will inspire Cassie to dedicate her life to mastering her quirk and getting ahead of her mentor. Cassie will adopt her hairstyle from All Might’s Tufts of Hair—eight tufts of hair—as a dedication to her goal for peace.

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Star and Stripes Quirk: New Deal Has a powerful quirk that allows him to specify new rules after touching a target and calling their name. The star can only set new rules for two targets, with one target always on it. However, with the support of his military team, Star’s Strategic Mastery in the Power of the New Deal Which made him a worthy adversary against Shigaraki/All for One. But before becoming America’s number one hero, Cassie struggled to wield her power and deal with a relentless bombardment of misogynistic remarks — linked as the root of her inability to move up her penis.

In any male-dominated industry, women face tough gender stereotypes and are constantly reminded of their weaknesses in their sex. This is especially true in the US military, with small percentages of enlisted women experiencing high rates of sexual assault among male peers and officers. However, the star’s companions deal with the false sexist comments quickly: Star The Limits Of Her Quirk It has nothing to do with her being a “girl”, but everything to do with a factor of quirk. A “quirk factor” includes the collective traits of a person’s quirks, from strength to genetic makeup. Star’s team understands this and encourages Star to use them whenever his quirks fall short.

My Hero Academia tackles sexism in the best way possible by dispelling gender stereotypes and holding a mirror to the treatment of women in the US military. With the help of our team, My Hero Academia star and stripe Was able to focus on the inner workings of his Quirk New Deal and surpass All Might as America’s number one hero.

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