Movie Theaters Can’t Save Time To Die, Says Chain CEO

Vu Cinemas CEO Tim Roberts has suggested that the 25th James Bond film No Time to Die could save theaters as it recovers at the box office.

new james bond movie no time to die Tim Richards, CEO of Vue international cinema chain, suggests they can save cinemas from the dip they have experienced since the pandemic. One of the most eagerly awaited theatrical releases of the year, 25th James Bond film receives critical acclaim, especially in its native UK, where the franchise generally performs very well. After almost 2 years of delay as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, audiences will now finally get to enjoy Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as a British spy in theaters.

Craig last appeared as Bond in 2015 the dark shadow Directed by Sam Mendes, and comes nearly 15 years after the 53-year-old donned a tux for the first time in Martin Campbell’s final Bond film. casino Royale. It’s been almost a few years for the Bond franchise, with frequent delays, speculation whether Craig really wanted to stay for a fifth film, and a lot of talk about successors for the role. But, the film has finally made its way to the big screen in a nationwide release titled ‘Bond Day’ across the UK, and has been dubbed a turning point in the post-COVID film industry, with the hope that the film will be enjoyed. long, one who can lead a successful no time to die box office to take.

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Tim Richards certainly believes that the franchise will once again have a draw to bring large audiences back to the multiplexes. The film, which opened in over 700 screens across the UK, has been seen as a ray of hope for an industry that is still trying to recover from the pandemic. The film could be the start of a big change for Richards, who started his successful cinema chain 21 years ago. Speaking at a special screening for Bond 25 at the Vue West End venue, heart The new BFI president was quoted as saying:

“I think we’re going to see this film as a watershed moment…

Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time to Die

Early signs appear promising for the film. Already topped the box office in Korea, no time to die It is slated to release on October 8 in the United States, where it is expected to do well with talk of an international box office target of $90 million. Indeed, there has been some speculation that Bond’s international opening may top the box office F9, and it will certainly help movie theaters to get back to normalcy, with blockbuster movies bringing in blockbuster taking.

Craig’s previous Bond outings have been like a mixed bag, with casino Royale And sky fall While earning widespread critical acclaim and healthy box office quantum of Solace And the dark shadow performed less well. But, by all accounts, it is a return to form for the Englishman as he leans into style. Of course, who will replace Craig as the next Bond will dominate the conversation in the coming months, but for now the audience will be hoping no time to die entitles Craig to send his postmodern bond.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

James Bond No Time To Die Daniel Craig Eilish

Daniel Craig didn’t like Billie Eilish’s No Time to Die theme at first

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