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Nicknamed “Party Boy” for his tendency to perform nude stunts, the former skateboarder admitted to Uproxx that his worst experience during filming was “when he made a mistake scheduling three dick stunts in a row”. jackass 3d,

The 47-year-old explained, “The first one, they made like a balsa wooden penis to wear on my penis, and they put this woodpecker on it, and they tried to peck the woodpecker.” “And it felt so bad when the beak hit my beak. The beak went into my pee hole! Oh my god, it felt so bad. And then the next day, they had me put it in a mousetrap, which grew into a rat.” net.” The third involved a snake.

As for the most painful stunt that didn’t involve his penis, Pontius pointed to a moment in his spinoff series, Wild Boys when they performed the Glove of the Ants, a rite of passage for an Amazonian tribe.

“You put these ants, called bullet ants, they weave them into this glove, and when the boys are all grown up, you put this glove on that which has hundreds of ants in which any insect It’s the most painful sting ever,” he explained. “You wear this song for the duration of the magician singing this song, which is about eight minutes or so. You get stung hundreds of times, and it was the worst, most painful, horrible thing I’ve ever done.” It’s like poison for 24 hours, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So yeah, that was the worst thing. I’ll never do that again.”

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