Minx’s Ophelia Lovibond Discusses Desire for Woman and That Hot Fireman – E! Online

Ophelia Lovibond want you to embrace your inner minx,

“Women also have desires and the idea that you would deny it is just prudent,” the British actress said in a recent interview with E! News. “Failing to recognize that this is a valuable asset in a woman that you shouldn’t be ashamed to celebrate.”

in episode four of HBO series, her typically stereotypical character Joyce is mind-blowing when she first learns of it, and we mean Wonderfulwith sex minx cover star Shane (Taylor Zakhar Perez) While this is completely out of the norm for Joyce, it is exactly the experience she needs to run a female-focused porno magazine.

Joyce realized, “Well, if I’m going to put this in a magazine, I need to understand what I’m talking about,” Ophelia says.

But the self-proclaimed feminist learns another important lesson after hooking up with Hot Fireman: Don’t mix business with pleasure.

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