Minecraft Player Finds a Way to Make Broken Glass in Survival

One Minecraft Player uses a creative trick in the game to make broken glass in survival mode without any plugins, cheats or glitches.

a great Minecraft Player discovers how to make broken glass in survival mode Without using plugins, cheats or glitches. Strategy allows players to change one of the fundamental building blocks Minecraft without going into creative mode.

Glass is a decorative block with a transparent quality that can be used to spice up huts, houses or any other player-built structure in the game. The block also has tactical applications, such as in rush mills or other farms. The problem with glass is that when breaking it, nothing is dropped (except if a silk is broken with a touch tool). However, one player came up with a way to create the appearance of broken glass to spice up the traditional look. Glass block comes in many different forms. Players can access the normal, see-through glass block or any of its stained designs. Stained glass can be made by placing eight blocks of glass in a crafting table around a die of the player’s choice. There is also a tinted glass block that blocks light while still being visually transparent, which was recently added Update Caves and Rocks Minecraft. This makes the mob grinder even more efficient without losing the ability to see inside a player. The tinted glass block is made by combining four sapphire shards and one glass block. Still, the broken glass blocks could not be obtained. Minecraft, Until now.

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Answer posted by Reddit user benjitoburrito, who claimed he used shiny lichens to make a glass block appear shattered or broken, even in a Survival world. The shiny lichen can be placed on all sides of the glass, making it appear broken. Vivid lichens occur naturally in different blocks Minecraft, such as stone, andesite, diorite, granite, calcite, tuff, deep slate and underground dripstone. Players must use scissors to collect the bright lichens.

While there are no practical applications of broken glass MinecraftThe presence of blocks can spice up many different structures, such as dungeons, castles or ships. Block is especially useful in designing buildings that can be heavily attacked, giving it a damaged appearance. There are endless possibilities for broken glass Minecraft, especially when players have the freedom to place blocks wherever they wish. As long as they have enough glowing lichen to roam around.

the simplicity of Minecraft Players never stop improving. With the release of Vivid Lichens and other new entities In Minecraft’s Caves and Rocks Update, players are bound to discover innovative new strategies to expand their worlds and discover new possibilities within the game.

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Minecraft The Caves & Cliffs update is now available for the Bedrock and Java versions.

Source: benjitoburrito/reddit

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