Mike Myers opened up about working with Dana Carvey on Wayne’s World, and the role his co-star indirectly played in Austin Powers

Wayne’s World A rewatchable comedy classic across several generations. Of course, much of that rewatch value is due to the chemistry of saturday night live co-stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as Wayne Campbell and Garth Elgar. The film is still relevant enough for the onscreen pair to reunite a super bowl commercial, But working with Carvey was about much more than turning a popular sketch into a comedy classic. Myers opened up about working on the cult classic with his partner SNL alum indirectly affected Austin Powers,

much like Wayne’s World, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Myers’ long acting resume is regarded as a classic. SNL Alum mentions Carvey’s influence during interview GQ, He revealed that Wayne was in his “trunk of characters” after debuting the character first on Canadian television. After making a splash at a late-night sketch show, producer Lorne Michaels pitched Myers the idea for a movie. But the actor protested and pushed for a film focused on cable-access rock enthusiasts. Of course, the gamble paid off as the comedy became the series’ first box office success. After more than three decades, Austin Powers The actor spilled like co-starring with Karve.

I think one of the biggest legups I had was in a movie with Dana Carvey, one of the greatest comedians of all time, on Saturday Night Live. I just learned a lot from him. I think the thing that I learned the most as I am a writer of material is that there is the writing and then there is the performance, and there is the enjoyment of the performance. He is by far the happiest artist I have worked with. If I hadn’t worked with Dana and knew you had to funnel the funny molecules that come into the movie, I don’t think I could have done Austin Powers.

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