Michael Keaton’s Batman Will Drop One of His Most Iconic Lines in The Flash

When Warner Bros. revealed that it was moving flamboyant 2022 to 2023. till, fans and media members attending CinemaCon – a celebration of the theatrical exhibition in Las Vegas – assumed that footage of the superhero solo adventure would be withheld. After all, there will be another CinemaCon in Las Vegas ahead of Warner Bros. flamboyant On June 23, 2023. But there was a significant block of DC Films footage shown at CinemaCon, including an extended look black adam And Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, but this was the site of A masked Michael Keaton in his bat costume who stole the show.

trailer for flamboyant The school began with Barry Allen (Ezra Miller). He is very playful, and very excited. We then transition to The Flash in an upgraded suit, who appears across the street in front of his childhood home. we saw it in first trailer for flamboyant, Barry is talking to someone through the intercom. He mentions that he is being attracted to someone, and that they are “attracted to each other like magnets.”

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