Michael Bay Reveals Armageddon With Bruce Willis Was ‘Not Far’ According to Science

Don’t worry, the world isn’t ending – at least, not yet. Maybe we’re going to have a much bigger space problem straight out of a movie in the future, though, as NASA said. launched a spacecraft into space To intercept an asteroid. If this sounds oddly familiar, it’s because Michael Bay basically predicted the same situation in his 1998 film armageddon, starring the ultimate badass Bruce Willis. Apparently, the sci-fi movie was “not far” from real life, as armageddon basically becomes a true story, minus all drilling.

NASA launched its Dart rocket yesterday with the intention of crashing into an asteroid, with the aim of the crash not destroying the asteroid, but slightly shutting it down. This is only a test to see if this type of plan would work if Earth were ever threatened by an asteroid in its direction. The asteroid targeted by DART is millions of miles away and poses no threat to Earth. Oof.

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