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What is the theme of this year’s Met Gala?

Part one was “In America: A Vocabulary in Fashion” – marking the 75th anniversary of the Costume Institute and establishing a “modern vocabulary of fashion”, according to the organization. Press release, Part two, the release continues, is called “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” and the American Wing will present “sartorial narratives relating the complex and layered history” of the period rooms.

But what does “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” consist of?

It is the final part of the Costume Institute’s period room trilogy (the first was in the French period room in 2004 and the second in the English period room in 2006). According to the Costume Institute’s press release, the exhibition will be dedicated to men’s and women’s clothing from the 18th century to the present day and will be displayed in specific rooms via vignettes created by American film directors.

The release note will feature an 1830s “Shaker Retiring Room” that explores the defining characteristics of American sports through the work of … Claire McCardell,” a “19th-century parlor” in Richmond, Virginia that will highlight dressmakers’ designs fanny chrisAn 1819 mural of Versailles that “would serve as the backdrop for a re-creation of the historic 1973 ‘Battle of Versailles’ that pitted American designers against their French counterparts,” a “life of the 20th century” room” designed by candid Lloyd Wright [that] will shed light on the architectural gown of Charles James” even more.

“The inside portion presents a survey of more than 300 years of American domestic life,” the release said, “and tells a wide variety of stories from personal to political, from stylistic to cultural, and from aesthetic to ideological.

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