Meghan McCain Reveals Joy Behar’s Comment That Made Her Out Of The Approach – E! online

Meghan McCainthe fate of sight was sealed with nine words.

in an interview Commentary Magazine Podcast August 4th, former co-host of daytime chat show reveals what’s finally He was kicked out of the show in July 2021,

McCain said that everything got worse after returning to the show after taking time off for maternity leave. He gave birth to a daughter Freedom September 2020. In,

“I finally went back to the show,” McCain said, “and the day I went back to the show, Joy Bihari Said in the air, ‘No one remembered you, we didn’t remember you, you shouldn’t have come back.'”

really, verbal brawls all gone live In the January 5 episode of sight,

Behar’s remarks were made after McCain interrupted her during a Hot Topics segment, causing Behar to shout, “I was speaking!”

McCain replied with a laugh, “Joey, you missed me when I was on maternity leave. You missed me a lot. You missed fighting me. Don’t act like you don’t stop fighting me.”

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