Meet the Woman Seeking Justice in the True-Crime Documentary Sins of the Amish Peacock – E! online

sins of the amisho going where some true-crime documentary have gone before.

premiere on peacock On May 24, the two-part special will immerse viewers in the world of the Amish, pulling back the curtain on a black scandal that has reportedly plagued the private community for generations. Said from the point of view of many women, they will provide direct accounts sins of the amishoAll in the hope of finding justice for the violent crimes they experienced while living as members of the Amish and Mennonite communities.

there is such a woman misty griffinActivist and author of best-selling memoirs tears of silence, In E! News’ exclusive Sneak Peek clip, which you can watch below, shows Misty opening up about the experience that resulted in her leaving the Amish community once and for all.

“It was this woman who lived on the property,” Misty recalls, “and she became my friend, sort of. She wasn’t Amish and she was the only other person I knew I could probably trust. And I just told her what happened because I was so scared, and she was saying, ‘You have to go to the police.'”

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