Matt James Recalls His “Tough Conversation” With Rachel Kirkconnell After Antebellum Party Photos – E! News Online

Matt said that Rachel called him “immediately” about the photos, but that was his side from the start. “I knew the woman I wanted to be with. Celebrity gossip, no matter how sensitive, would not shape my opinion of her,” he shared. “Her voice on the other end was tense and unsteady.”

She said that he consoled her at this point: “I assured her that I knew who she was.”

But the pair were in different states, Matt said, so he wanted to have a personal conversation to discuss the controversial photos.

“I needed to see Rachel’s face for the difficult conversation ahead,” he said in his book. “I hadn’t felt so nervous seeing Rachel since I gave her the last rose. We had come a long way, even then, but this time our meeting had a formality that felt unfamiliar and uncomfortable. “

Matt explained that the couple moved back to a house in “Mid-of-Never Georgia” to take away the conversation from the public. At the time, Rachel and Matt weren’t allowed to be seen together until their relationship was announced on the show, he said.

“He and I spent two days together, and then on the third day, we had a tough conversation,” said the former football player. “I shared how it felt to see her, a woman I loved, play a role that had once resisted me so much. My feelings went well, and she met me at her peak.”

Matt said that Rachel “lean forward and dove” to explain her side of the story.

“She was only doing sorcery for a short time; she quit the semester after the party,” he wrote. “He didn’t know about the context of the party when he decided to attend; it was just another college event on his mind. He didn’t offer his ignorance as an excuse. Just a fact—he made it up.” His remorse and regret combined with facts. Tears welled up on both of our faces.”

After a difficult conversation, “He apologized for the pain I felt. I forgave him.”

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