Married At First Sight: Derek Sherman’s Best IG Pictures Ranked

In Married At First Sight Season 10, Derek Sherman was known for his funny personality. His Instagram reflects his optimistic and bold mindset.

Derek Sherman marriage at first sight Season 10 didn’t have the smoothest journey of the series, but their Instagram activity indicates that the ex-husband has been leading a fun and adventurous life since the show aired. Derek married his Controversial ex-wife Katie Conrad Fans watch Derek’s bad relationship with Katie descend into chaos in 2020 marriage at first sightBut according to his best Instagram posts, Derek is all about enjoying life to the fullest.

When he made his reality TV debut, Derek was embraced by fans for remaining optimistic in the face of Katie’s constant cynicism. Katie regularly criticized her husband for not being decisive enough and having too many unrealistic aspirations. Fortunately, Derek never gave up on his hallmark positive nature, which made him stand out during his tenure. marriage at first sight tenure

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Although he and Katie decided to get married on Judgment Day, Derek did not last long as a husband. Amidst allegations of cheating and lying, the two attended a season 10 reunion special and announced that they were divorced. Although he endured severe heartbreak marriage at first sight, Derek’s Instagram account assures his followers that he is a divorced man who is making the most of his day and night.

4. Derek Explores PCH

Although marriage at first sight Season 10 focused on couples living in Washington DC, with Derek swapping shores last summer. in August, Derek Went on a California adventure while traveling down the famous Pacific Coast Highway. According to his Instagram caption, the trek was a success, as Derek confirms PCH is “Now officially my favorite highway.” for all reasons marriage at first sight The collage shared by Derek shows the star being taken to a West Coast road. Not only does the ex-husband look alluring in their selfies, but the picturesque Big Sur acts as a stunning backdrop. Highlights of this collection of photos Derek’s free spirit proves more That the California sun is looking good on him.

3. Derek’s Mountain Climbing Adventure

Though he may have taken a memorable selfie in California, Derek’s travels across the country didn’t peak in the Pacific Ocean. At the end of March 2020, Derek Went hiking in one of Virginia’s most popular mountain ranges. Derek posted several photos documenting his trek up to Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah. this picture tells marriage at first sight Star’s courageous personality and connection to nature. Derek’s caption also reflects his wisdom, as just a week into the COVID-19 pandemic, the television personality wrote, “Don’t let a global pandemic forget how beautiful the world can be.” Derek traveled with a group of friends, proving that He doesn’t need Katie’s company To spend peaceful time in a national park.

2. Derek poses with a plane

during his time marriage at first sighthandjob Derek Was described as a cyber security engineer. Unfortunately, few fans really knew what Derek’s job involved. However, he recently clarified what his profession is with a picture that makes the reality star look like a big shot. Derek explained, “For those of you who have always wondered what I do, I make flight simulators for these bad boys.” Derek channels his inner Tom Cruise (who played Maverick top Gun) for this fascinating set of aviation-themed photos. This photo is great because it shows Derek’s followers what he does for a living, as well as demonstrates marriage at first sight Star’s ability to turn his passion into reality.

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1. Derek Skydive With Breakfast

hands down, best Picture from Derek’s Instagram is from the years before tying the knot marriage at first sight. Back in August 2017, Derek Still he was the fun and adventurous person that fans met on reality television. In this incredible photo, Derek conquers his fear of heights as he poses for a picture while skydiving. As if that wasn’t bold enough, the post is infused with Derek’s classic humor as he enjoys a sandwich soaring miles above the ground. Derek captioned the photo with a prick, “Proof that food really does heal everyone.”

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