Marlon Wayans Weighs in at Dave Chappelle Backlash, Will Smith Slaps – E! online

Wayans also weighed on Will Smith2022 Oscar Slap incident With Chris RockSharing that he later reached out to both the men to check in.

“It was interesting,” he said. “I think a part of us is like ‘Wow,’ because for years we didn’t know Will would have him.”

When it comes to his own comic style, Wayans jokes that he is an “equal opportunity criminal”.

“My brother [Damon Wayans] always taught me, ‘be an equal opportunity delinquent,’ which means I make fun of everybody.” And the person I make fun of the most is me, and I think that’s when you do “So you know, you can’t be mad because everybody gets it. And what’s your intention too? My intention is to make everyone laugh.”

How can he tell if a joke has landed? He says, “If I tell people that I’m laughing out loud, that’s a great joke.”

Watch the full interview in the clip above.

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