Mark Wahlberg Was Paid $30 Million For Spencer Confidential

A new report on star pay reveals Mark Wahlberg’s massive $30 million paycheck for his lead role in the 2020 Netflix film Spencer’s Confidential.

It turns out that Mark Wahlberg made $30 million for his role Spencer Confidential. The Netflix original film was often produced in partnership with Wahlberg collaborator, Peter Berg. The film debuted on the service in March 2020 and is currently available for streaming.

Spencer Confidential based on Robert B. parker spencer novel series, and to a lesser extent, 1980s television series, Spencer: For Hire. The film follows a character named Spencer (Mark Wahlberg), an ex-Boston police officer who takes on a murder case in his city and finds himself embroiled in a deadly conspiracy. In addition to Wahlberg, the film also stars Winston Duke, Iliza Schlesinger and Alan Arkin.

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Now, it’s officially revealed that Mark Wahlberg earned enough money for his role Spencer Confidential on netflix. This news comes courtesy of a new report Diversity, which tells biggest movie star pay since last year. Reportedly, Wahlberg earned $30 million for his lead role in the Netflix project, which also includes his streaming backend buyout.

mark wahlberg salary Spencer Confidential The film’s huge success for Netflix is ​​buoyed. It was not necessarily a critical success, as the film received largely negative reviews upon its debut last year. However, according to the data released from Netflix, Spencer Confidential Became one of the streaming service’s most-watched movies of all time. This puts it in contention with films like bird boxhandjob 6 underground, And extraction – which was the most-watched film on the list at the time of the report. With that wind in its sails, the film is currently set to get a sequel, with both Wahlberg and Berg returning.

One thing that detracts from reviewing this list is that the movie star’s status quo has been relatively stable for the better part of the past two decades. Wahlberg has been a relatively normal draw at the box office since some of his earlier career hits, like 2001 perfect storm and of 2003 Italian Job, and he joins other veteran movie stars such as Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise on this list. While new additions to the movie star canon like Chris Hemsworth and Robert Pattinson are also on the list, it seems there is still value in movie stars with long, decades-long Hollywood resumes, especially as many of them head to the streaming landscape. For those who haven’t checked it out yet, Spencer Confidential Currently streaming on Netflix.

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Source: Variety

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