Mark Hoppus Is “Grateful” In Italy For Travis Barker And Kourtney Kardashian’s Post-Wedding Chemo – E! online

“I have cancer,” he wrote. “It sucks and scares me, and at the same time I’ve been blessed with incredible doctors and family and friends to get me through it.”

During a Twitch livestream in July 2021, Mark shared that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, “My cancer isn’t bone related, it’s blood related,” he said in a clip shared by the YouTube account Blink-182 Chili, “My blood is trying to kill me.”

In a December 2021 interview he further elaborated on the mental and physical toll his illness caused GQ,

“I had a really dark time after finding out,” he shared. “I went through a whole period like this, no why mebut of course me, Why wouldn’t it be me? We’ve had a lot of good luck and good luck, and things have fallen into place especially for me for so long, of course I was due. I was because of something tragic.”

He described chemotherapy as “being on the worst international, overnight flight where you can’t sleep or be comfortable,” but noted that he was able to speak with his mother, who had previously He had defeated the same type of cancer.

“She’s been my biggest resource this whole time,” he told the outlet. “No one knows what it’s like, except someone who’s gone through chemotherapy.”

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