Madeleine McCann’s parents mark 15th anniversary of her disappearance with heartbreaking message – E! online

It was never easy.

on 3rd May, cat And gerry mccano shared a heartwarming message about daughter Madeleine McCannJoe disappeared exactly 15 years ago while the family was on vacation in Portugal.

“This year we are completing fifteen years We last saw Madeleine, “he wrote. “It doesn’t seem harder than any other but it’s not easy either. This is a very long time. Lots of people talk about the need for ‘closure’. It’s always seemed a strange word. Regardless of the outcome, Madeleine will always be our daughter and a truly terrible crime has been committed. These things will continue.”

The parents then thanked authorities in the United Kingdom, Portugal and Germany for a “joint police effort” to find answers about Madeleine’s whereabouts.

“As always, we would like to thank all our supporters for their continued well wishes and support,” Kate and Gerry continued. “It’s so comforting to know that regardless of the passage of timeMadeleine lives on in the hearts and minds of people even today.”

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