Love Island USA: Leslie was kicked out of the show for bringing up a dub pen

Leslie Golden reveals she was kicked out of Love Island USA Season 3 for bringing her dub pens to Villa. Here’s everything he revealed!

Leslie Golden has now revealed that she was kicked love island usa Season 3 to bring a dab pen to the villa. Fans got to know Leslie when she was introduced via a Casa Amor twist as one of five new girls to come. In the show, she was introduced as a 24-year-old model from Redwater, Texas. As Casa Amor ended a few episodes later, Leslie was chosen by Corey Gandy to stay at the villa.

immediately following his sudden love island Go out, Leslie Golden said on social media that she left the show “Personal reasons.” Many fans pressured him to be more specific, but it took him a few days to provide more details. As the days went by, Leslie explained that she hadn’t given her reason for leaving because it had something to do with “Slightly illegal.” Now, she has fully revealed what really caused her behind-the-scenes ending.

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As seen in the screenshot below, Leslie Golden has now admitted that she kicked love island usa season 3 To bring a dab pen to the villa. For reference, a dab pen is a portable vape system for weed consumption (via LeaflyAs of 2021, recreational weed is still illegal in Hawaii, where Season 3 is being filmed (via) wm) However, it is probably against production guidelines for a contestant to bring a dub pen on the set. Leslie explained in a video shared via her Instagram Story: “So I actually brought it in my glasses case and carried it around. And the bad thing is people pick it up all the time. And I would just be like, ‘Please don’t look at this!'”

Cinco and Genevieve Shawcross was thrown from love island usa during the latest elimination rounds, but now it’s clearer than ever that Leslie was actually kicked out of the show by behind-the-scenes production. It’s definitely a wild situation, but at least fans now know exactly what caused Leslie’s sudden exit. As a Casa Amor newbie, it was likely that Leslie would have been sent home during this recent elimination round anyway. Alas, his sneak peek into a dab pen was a great reason to cut him from the cast immediately for the production.

post season love island usa Already creating more drama. The season isn’t even officially over yet, but the former islanders are already making headlines and making bold statements on social media. We will see what other tea these islanders will spill over the next few days.

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love island usa Season 3 airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Source: Leslie Golden on Instagram, Leafly, wm

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