Love Island USA: Are Jeremy and Bailey still together after the show?

Everything you need to know about Jeremy Hershberg and Bailey Marshall’s relationship after Love Island USA Season 3. Catch up with the latest.

Jeremy Hershberg and Bailey Marshall have been thriving together since leaving love island usa Season 3 in third place. After being introduced during the Season 3 premiere, Jeremy had to engage with quite a few women to find a connection at Villa. He previously teamed up with Trina Njoroge, but it was clear that they were just friends. Jeremy then pursued Amy Flores, but once again, there was nothing but friendship between them.

as the weeks went by and love island usa relationships develop themselves, Jeremy Hershberg paired up with new girl Florita Diaz. However, Florita’s lingering feelings for Corey complicate things, and she is fired from the villa. Jeremy then tried to hook up with Casa Amor newbie Genevieve Shawcross, only to be unsuccessful for him as well. Finally, Bailey Marshall entered the villa on day 23 and completely rocked Jeremy’s world. He opened up with her like he hadn’t with anyone else throughout the season, and fans fell in love with them as a couple.

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Now that love island Following them, Jeremy and Bailey are tracing what will their relationship look like in the real world. During a recent interview after the island (Full video below), the couple discuss what their plans are for the future. Jeremy admitted that he “Live on opposite sides of America” Since Bailey lives in Oregon and Jeremy lives in New York. Alas, they want to keep doing things as they have been doing at the villa. Bailey commented that their relationship went too far “real world speed” Despite the quick nature of love island, so they are confident that they can carry on on the show just as they were on the show. But Bailey and Jeremy agreed that they don’t want to put extra pressure on themselves for the time being. In other words, fans can hope that they keep getting to know each other just like they were doing at Villa, but they’re in no hurry to jump the gun on anything.

When it comes to Jeremy and Bailey’s social media activity, it’s clear that they spent most of their time together After leaving the show. Like all the other finalists, Bailey and Jeremy stayed at a Hawaiian resort after the season 3 finale. He was seen in Instagram Live sessions and Instagram Story posts on his social media accounts as well as in posts from his fellow co-stars. Jeremy and Bailey are seen hugging and giving each other a kiss several times during these conversations, as they were doing at the end of love island usa.

Fans certainly developed a soft spot for Jeremy and Bailey’s relationship, and it’s clear they’re excited about their future together. With that said, most islanders are careful not to put too much pressure on their relationship after the end of the show, so it should come as no surprise that Jeremy and Bailey are taking it one day at a time.

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love island usa Season 3 airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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