Love is blind after the altar: are Giannina and Damien still together?

After their hit on Love Is Blind: After the Ultar Special, Giannina Ghibelli reveals if she and Damien Powers are still together.

Giannina Ghibelli and Damien Powers of love is blind Called to leave it. Giannina recently opened up about her ups and downs with Damien. While the two managed to work out after Damian moved out to Giannina on their wedding day, their situation was still unclear. Now, Season 1’s alum love is blind There was a lot of commotion again after Love is Blind: After the Altar Specific.

on new after the altar episode, Giannina made it clear that she and Damien were together and had been happily dating for two years. However, the pair hit a tough patch. While Giannina felt they could work through it, Damien was less sure. Instead, instead of spending time with Gianina, he Took Francesa Farago out to lunch Before inviting him to the anniversary party, which resulted in a fight between him and Gianina. After that, fans again got confused about their relationship status. However, Gianina is clearing things up now.

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Gianina confirmed at She, “I am officially single.“He further provided,”me and damien are not dating Now for a few months. I have moved on. I feel really, really good. I am definitely in a very good place in my lifeShe expressed that the breakup felt like a weight had been taken off her shoulders. The entrance has finally brought peace to the reality star. However, she has no regrets. In fact, Giannina likes to look back on their relationship does.”I do not regret anything. You certainly learn from all kinds of love. i definitely learned from it, she explained.In a relationship, we were very different, and I think that’s pretty obvious. There’s nothing wrong with that, opposites really do attract, but with us, it just seems to me that the way we communicated, we didn’t really understand what the other was trying to say. was always like this

Giannina Ghibelli Love Is Blind Damien Powers

She went on to say that her memories with Damien are her best memories, despite what the haters had to say. After dating for two years, it was clear that they weren’t as compatible as they should have been. When relationships required the amount of effort they put in, Giannina recognized that it just wasn’t meant to be. Fans have been curious for some time due to photos that surfaced of Damien in August 2020, seemingly on a date with Francesca Farago. Damien addressed it at the time, stating that he and Francesca were just friends.

at Asked Gianina about the pictures to which the reality star replied, “When I saw those pictures I started laughing. I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is so funny. How do people really think that something is going on between them?Giannina maintained her poise as she was asked how the new conversation between Damien and Francesca made her feel. NS love is blind The alum explained that when put in awkward situations, his default is to smile or laugh. Nevertheless, eventually, Gianina is enjoying her single life. She says she is excited about her new path and what lies ahead. Fans hope that Gianina will also find happiness.

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