Love Is Blind: 10 Favorite Cast Members, According to Reddit

Cast members in seasons 1 and 2 of Netflix’s popular reality series love is blind Has become a star whose fans follow him on social media and keep many updates. The two couples from each season are still happily married, with Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton writing a memoir leap of faith about his experiences, which was published in June 2021.

After watching a busy and intense Season 2, fans have taken to Reddit to share the cast they love the most. Viewers certainly connected with the love stories that these cast members experienced, whether it had a happy ending or not.

10 Sal Perez

Sal singing in the pods in Love Is Blind

redditor personal_cat_8059 Said “Saal” is one of his favorite artists love is blindAnd many fans felt emotional watching Sal Perez and Mallory Zapata’s journey on Season 2 of the hit show.

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While Sal and Mallory decided to end their relationship, and they had their ups and downs, including Mallory wondering whether she felt a true attraction, Sal was always sweet, respectful, and courteous.

9 Lauren Speed-Hamilton

Lauren and Cameron’s Romantic love is blind scenery There is a reason why they are such a fan favorite couple.

redditor auroramarie11 Posted that her “top favourites” included “Lauren,” who fell in love with Cameron at the beginning of Season 1. The cast members felt attracted to each other in the pods and they both have a kind, compassionate personality. Lauren shared her thoughts and feelings and was always genuine and charming from the start.

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8 Danielle Ruhl-Thompson

Danielle, in her wedding dress, looks furious at Love is Blind.

redditor pjones192 said that Danielle Ruhl-Thompson is one of her favorite artists because they “identify with issues of her concern.”

While Daniels and Nick Thompson had several dramatic arguments in Season 2 of the reality show, it allowed Daniels to be vulnerable and share that she struggles with anxiety at times. Fans watched as Nick and Daniels learn to communicate with each other and talk about difficult topics and feelings.

7 Cameron Hamilton

Lauren Cameron Love Is Blind After The Alta

Redditor Waterhouse78 Said that his “favourite would be Cameron,” and many fans loved seeing Cameron’s kindness in Season 1. He is definitely considered one of them. Best Cast Members On love is blind,

Cameron was vocal from the start about how much he cared about Lauren, and viewers felt strongly that the pair would make it. They are still very happily married and fans love to be with them on social media.

6 Ianna McNealy

Iyana on the couch in the pod on Love Is Blind, smiling with her eyes closed.

Iyanna McNeedly is a fan favorite Season 2 cast member because she’s smart, funny, sweet and strong. She talked about having a difficult family situation when she was growing up and how her parents came to adopt her, and when she bonded with Jarrett, viewers were impressed by their many interactions.

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redditor pjones192 Loves Iyana because she’s “so sweet and problem-free and awesome!” There are many reasons fans enjoy watching Iyanna, and she went through that sticky situation when Jarrett also had feelings for Mallory with strength and compassion.

5 Jarrett Jones

Jarrett Jones on Love Is Blind Season 2 in the Pods

Jarrett and Ianna had some best pod dates love is blind Because he did not shy away from difficult subjects.

Redditor MsNOZ Posted that “Jarrett” is one of his favorite artists. Things got very intense when Jarrett was torn between Mallory and Ianna and when he first asked Mallory if she would consider working with him. Despite this shaky start, fans knew there was something real in Jarrett and Iyana.

4 Deepti Vempati

Deepti chooses herself at the altar, saying no to Shek.

Several Redditors chose Deepti as their favorite, including redditor mawnicorn Having said that “Deep” is one of his favorite artists.

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Deepti instantly wowed the audience with her incredibly kind personality and her intelligence and strength. It was heartbreaking to see Shake Chatterjee talking about Dipti and other cast members saying that he didn’t think he was physically attracted to her, and fans felt the entire time that she felt like a better and better actor. A more supportive and caring partner can be found.

3 Natalie Lee

Natalie in her wedding dress on Love Is Blind.

Natalie and Shayne had one the biggest love is blind season 2 fights And Natalie shared on her wedding day that she wasn’t sure she could go through with it.

a Redditor Considers “Natalie” a favorite artist. Fans love getting to know Natalie as she shares her shrewd wit, sense of humor, and inner strength in every episode of the season.

2 Matt Barnett

barnett love is blind

Barnett was involved in quite a love triangle in Season 1 when he fell for Jessica and Amber at the same time. After sharing with Jessica that he would choose her, he then decided that he would propose to Amber, which left Jessica emotional and thrilled.

Redditor SnooPeppers609 Chosen “Barnett” as the favorite artist from the reality series. Barnett always had a good sense of humor and a smile on his face, and his love for Amber has always felt genuine.

1 Lauren “LC” Chamblin

redditor fluffigloff Said “LC” is one of the best cast, and fans loved watching LC in Season 1 and after the altar special.

After sharing her sweet personality with fans, LC explained in the reunion special that she and Marc Cuevas dated, but thought it was more casual and hurt her. Viewers loved how honest LC was and was more than willing to talk about such vulnerable times in her dating life.

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