Lore Olympus announces official return with mysterious new scene

The popular webtoon Lor Olympus returns with an official date and keynote that could link Persephone and Head to the fate of Olympus.

award winning webtoon Vidya Olympus Returning with an official release date, many fans are excited to see Olympus’ favorite pair, Hades and Persephone. However, a mysterious new scene is also driving fans into a theoretical frenzy over the current state of the arena following the busy mid-season finale of Season 2.

Written and produced by Rachel Smyth, Vidya Olympus Offers a modern twist on the classic Greek mythos by creating something totally nutritious. Sparks fly when Persephone, the goddess of spring, meets Hades, the god of death. Star-crossed lovers fight for their love by battling heartbreak, family drama, politics, and the top elite gods of Olympus. The romance drama began to be published in 2018 and continues to break record breaking numbers. While a webtoon original, Vidya Olympus There is now a collectible trade paperbackwith section two Hitting stores in early July.

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Rachel Smyth announces official return date Vidya Olympus on Twitter. Set for the end of April, the series will return 4 months after its hot mid-season finale in early January. Smyth also uncovers a mysterious sighting of underworld office equipment abandoned in an area of ​​greenery. With a simple “See you soon. X,” that ignited the floodgates for fan theories about the upcoming Season 2 continuation.

The month of April is perfect for the goddess of return of spring as it represents the blooming of plants and trees. In Latin, the name translates to “aprilis” which means “to open” and is also named after Aphrodite, the goddess of love herself. How Vidya Olympus Compared to Paatal Lok and Persephone The myth is very different, especially now that the goddess of spring comes to trial against the gods of Olympus. However, the scene reminds fans of Persephone’s abandoned tree in the Underworld, a place where no living things can survive. As the trial reveals new truths about Persephone and the top deities—including Aphrodite—Olympus will never be the same afterwards.

The return of Lore Olympus will finally answer the questions of many fans and about the harsh rule of Zeus for the unfortunate couple. As Hades and Persephone are no longer able to see each other, their forbidden love remains the core of the story’s development, and could bring further doom for the three realms. The gods of Olympus are also struggling to keep pace with recent developments and the emerging agendas of others. to prove Greek Myth-Based Webtoon A perfect translation of the antics of the gods to betrayal and drama. On top of that, the underworld also has to face its own destruction which Paatal Lok cannot handle on its own. Smyth’s creative scene totally sets the tone for Vidya OlympusWhy Ki Comeback and Webtoon deserves all its accolades.

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