Looks like the lawsuit brought by cast members against Disneyland may be over

Over 25,000 current and former Disneyland cast members in August California theme park sued at high wages. The cast members claimed that according to a measure voted into law in the city of Anaheim in 2018, they should have received a raise of up to $15 an hour in 2018. However, a judge has ruled in Disneyland’s favor, which appears to be ending the cast. Members expect better pay, at least for now.

The suit argued that Disneyland Resort took advantage of the city’s subsidies at the time of Mickey and Friends. parking structure was built, and so the theme park was required to be followed by the city of Anaheim. Voters in the city approved Measure L back in 2018, which mandated that any company receiving the city’s subsidies was required to pay its employees a minimum of $15 an hour in 2018, up to $18 an hour by 2022. With the increase of , the additional cost of living on top of it adds up. The current Disneyland starting salary is about $16 an hour, but it didn’t increase to the $15 an hour this rule would require in the later year.

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