Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Ideas for the Classic Little Mermaid Song Were Too Sacred to Touch for Halle Bailey’s Film

If there’s anything that can make live-action adaptation Disney’s Classic the little Mermaid More exciting, it would have to add original lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda. musical man behind hamilton And encanto together with the little MermaidOriginal composer for Alan Menken surprising amount of new music In the upcoming version, which will star big-isho actor Halle Bailey as Ariel, But when coming up with new songs, Miranda found herself unwilling to change one aspect of the Disney classic.

Sebastian – the crab that often serves King Triton by taking care of Triton free-spirited daughter ariel – Disney is a favorite among animated film fans, and Lin-Manuel Miranda is no exception. Miranda explained collider Why Sebastian’s songs were so sacred that can’t touch it.

Oh friend. So much of my work on The Little Mermaid was wish fulfillment. I didn’t actually write any new songs for Sebastian the Crab because I love his songs. I was like, ‘I can’t. No I don’t. I can not do this.’ I got to write for some other characters in that film. Every song you love in The Little Mermaid is still in The Little Mermaid, we got some new moments for the music. It’s really difficult.

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