Let’s Take a Trip Back to the 1992 Met Gala – E! online

Prepare for a fashion explosion from the past.

Although it seems impossible to imagine, there was a time when mate throat was not a product of the trend editor in chief Anna Wintour, The British journalist certainly played a big part in making the annual event as it is today—she’s been chair of the gala since 1995, after all—but the soiree actually dates back to 1948, when it was only a midnight dinner that guests could enjoy. Could invite you to attend for $50 a ticket.

Fiesta, also known as Costume Institute Benefit, remained so until the fashion editor Diana Vreeland Became a Special Adviser to the Institute in 1972. Long ago, dinner had turned into a grand ceremony, figures like Jacqueline Kennedy And Pat Buckley Signing Co-President.

Vreeland passed away in 1989, and it wouldn’t be until ’95 that Wintour would take advantage of the former even more. So where did this event leave 20 years ago in 1992?

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