Legend of the Guardians 2: Why has Snyder never made a sequel?

After the release of Legend of the Guardians, a sequel was planned, but a second film was never made. Why didn’t Snyder continue the story?

of 2010 The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hool The film was director Zack Snyder’s first animated film and, despite it becoming a cult classic since its release, Snyder has never produced a single. Legend of the Guardians 2, While very different from his previous live-action projects such as 300 And morning of the deadZack Snyder Approached animated features with the same enthusiasm as their live-action work. After the release of the original film, rumors spread that Snyder was developing a sequel, but legend of the guardians 2 never came true.

Based on the series of novels by Katherine Lasky, legend of the guardians is an animated fantasy adventure film that follows Soren, a young barn owl who is fascinated by the tales of his father’s guardians, mythical warriors who combat a tyrannical army that declares itself “the pure people”. We do. Soren learns that these stories are not myths at all when he is captured by pure people, who uncover his plot to treat all beings as inferior. Accompanied by an inspiring crew of characters, Soren eventually escapes from captivity and begins his search for the Guardians, hoping that a capable hero will be his salvation.

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legend of the guardians not one of the best zack snyder movies, and it did not gain much popularity, but was still moderately received at the time of its release. Audiences widely praised the film for its detailed visuals, which allowed Snyder to translate his signature style into animation with highly emotional characters and intense action sequences. Many were hopeful about its sequel Legend of the Guardians 2, but neither Snyder nor his co-producers indicated that a firm decision had been made about returning for a second film. It was never officially stated why a follow-up was not developed, although with mixed reviews and the film underperforming at the box office, this is likely why. Zack Snyder movie remains un,

The Legend of the Guardians was a commercial and serious disappointment

Soren flying in Legend of the Guardians.

At the time of release, critics reacted indifferently. legend of the guardians, Impressive animation aside, the film scored only 52% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, many of whom argued that the film’s story was its weakest point. Snyder adapted the plots of Lasky’s first three books for the film, but because of its fast pace, the film’s storyline seemed confusing to many viewers, especially those unfamiliar with the original novels. It produced only $140 million at the global box office, which, when taking into account marketing costs, did not justify its $80 million budget. In a landscape reminiscent of Zack Snyder’s DCEU Movies, legend of the guardians It has developed an intense cult following in the years since its release, but has failed to connect with a wide general audience. in present, legend of the guardians There’s still only 63% of viewership on Rotten Tomatoes, which isn’t nearly enough to justify taking the risk on one. Legend of the Guardians 2,

Snyder became involved in other projects in later years. legend of the guardians‘ Release. In 2013, he directed the Superman reboot. man of Steel, which effectively kickstarted the massive DCEU franchise. Although Snyder was eager to return legend of the guardians If given the opportunity, the DCEU may have sought a lot of his creative effort. even if the plan Legend of the Guardians 2 were approved, it would be a challenge to balance its production apart from DC films.

Why Legend of the Guardians 2 seems even less likely now

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now with Zack Snyder’s rebel moon in production, Legend of the Guardians 2 It is also less likely to result. Since the Snyder Cut movement in the late 2010s, the director has been working on a number of other projects, many of which are very high-profile, meaning he likely has time to devote to making another Not there. legend of the guardians Movies. Even if the first film was a huge success, Snyder would still find it hard to justify revisiting an old project from years ago, when he has plenty on the horizon. rebel moon It promises to garner a lot of attention when it finally comes out, and there are even rumors that Netflix has already given the green light to a sequel. Snyder is equally busy army of the dead netflix universe, Since it is more than a decade old, The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hool There is no chance of getting a sequel. It’s unfortunate that Snyder can’t reunite with Lasky’s beloved fantasy series Legend of the Guardians 2But it’s at least reassuring to know that he’s focusing on new projects to show off his trademark creativity.

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