League of Legends: God-King Geren Split-Pushing Build Guide

Garren is arguably the best split-pusher in League of Legends, and the god-king build makes him borderline unstoppable, especially in the singles queue.

Split-pushing is an exceptionally valuable strategy when single-queuing is ranked League of Legends As a top laner, and the “God-King Garen” build is one of the strongest for this strategy. Split-pushing occurs when a top laner remains in one of the side lanes for most of the game, pushing it as hard and as hard as possible, rather than grouping with the team. A strong split-push can force the enemy team to send two or three champs to a side lane, allowing the friendly team to do battle with favorable numbers in other areas of the map. This makes split-pushing a go-to strategy for top laners looking to improve them League of Legends Post.

Garren is arguably the best split-pushing top laner ever League of Legends. His kit not only makes him extremely tanky from late game, but it also gives him the ability to take powerful towers, speed up gank avoidance, and AoE damage that makes him easily 1v5 once fed. allows. Therefore, the construction relying on his immense power in this area would be powerful. there are several How to make Garen League of Legends, but one of the strongest options is the “God-King” build.

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Doesn’t require a “God-King Garen” build Ownership League of Legends skin of the same name, but it requires players to be dedicated to split-pushing. By the end of the match, this build could make Garen so invincible that he can carry the game even if the friendly team has an AFK player.

How to build a split-pushing garage top lane League of Legends

league of legends garren splash art

NS League of Legends God-King leans on Garen’s natural armor, magic resistance, and health scaling as well to buff the minions around him and increase his damage against towers. Combined all together, these characteristics make it an unstoppable splitting machine.

To pull off the God-King Garen Build, players will need the following runes:

Main run: Conqueror, Victory, Legend: Tenacity, Last Stand

Secondary run: conditioning, hypertrophy

State Boost: 2x Adaptive Force, Armor or Magic Resistance (based on lane matching)

God-King Garen Build Runs in League of Legends

The objects that must be constructed, and the order in which they should be, appear below:

Starting Item: Doran’s Shield, Health Potion

Shoes: Berserker’s Greaves (always build these on the Garen first)

first item: Trinity Force

Second item: hullbreaker

Other items (build order may vary): Dead Man’s Plate, Force of Nature, Stark’s Gauge

Conditioning, Hellbreaker, and Scaling Armor and Magic Resistance from Garen’s W make it nearly impossible to kill him alone for about 12 minutes into the game, and both Trinity Force and Hellbreaker buff the damage he and his wave towers can do. . That alone is enough to create immense pressure in a lane, not to mention that he’ll still deal serious damage to enemies with the Triforce, Hulbreaker, and Starak’s gauges.

The Dead Man’s Plate, Force of Nature, and Garen Q not only improve his survivability, but also give him a ton of movement speed to survive difficult situations. League of Legends Players using the God-King Geren build will need to remember to focus on splitting, as the all-powerful bonuses offered by Hellbreaker disappear when teammates are near.

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League of Legends Available on PC and macOS.

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