Larry David explains why he hates the holidays and reveals his Christmas tradition Online

Grinch has nothing Larry David, which—you’re not going to believe it—thinks that the holidays are beautiful, beautiful, so awesome.

74-year-old actor and writer curb Your Enthusiasm character hilariously dismisses almost everything and whose previous sitcom Seinfeld Famously highlighted the secular tradition of the celebration as “for the rest of us”, turning his own “windings of grievances” into an essay for the former. Vanity Fair editor in chief Graydon Carterof digital weekly air mail, published on Saturday, December 18.

In the piece titled “A Very Larry David Christmas”, David wrote that he is horrified at the prospect of close social encounters with “what seemed like hundreds of relatives” on Christmas Day.

“I am a creature of habit and cannot tolerate anything that cuts me off from my normal routine,” he said. “That’s why I hate all the holidays, but not as much as Christmas.”

David dissects everything to do with holiday music, movies, and gifts—”thinking about them, shopping for them (ever without resentment), and the attendant pile of garbage that accumulates from opening them. ” He also scoffed at the “barrage” of “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holiday” greetings that he said “should be returned like the unsolicited ‘I love you’.”

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