Lady Gaga and Top Gun: Maverick collaborator Tom Cruise exchange kiss after attending her concert

Given that there was a time when Top Gun: Maverick There’s been a long wait for a Tom Cruise-led sequel, slated for release in the summer of 2019. Well, Rogue is finally on its way to release later this month 2022 movie release slate, and it’s already enjoying excellent critical reception after a special screening Last week at CinemaCon. Lady Gaga also recently revealed that she recorded a song for Maverick, and now we have photos of her and Cruise exchanging kisses when the latter attended the former’s concert.

when you see Top Gun: Maverick In theaters in late May and/or listen to the soundtrack on your own, the musical lineup will include Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand.” Last week, Award-winning songwriter thanks Tom Cruiseas well as director Josef Kosinski and co-composer Hans Zimmer, for the opportunity to contribute RogueAnd Gaga Has Shared Some Looks Since Then instagram Her and Cruise sharing some affection at their concert.

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