Kylie Jenner shares 60 pounds she gained during pregnancy with baby number 2 – E! online

“I planned my first workout on Monday because I’m not even doing it to get in shape,” Kylie said in a 2018 YouTube video she recorded with the then-BFF. jordyn woods, “Even though after Stormi, I feel like people think I’m like, bounce back super fast, which I think I did and I’m just, ‘Oh, it’s just, everything’s so perfect ,’ and people can get the wrong idea on Instagram sometimes… especially at such a young age to watch your body go through such a change and it’s a challenge physically, mentally and emotionally.”

She continued, “It’s also a beautiful thing and I love it, and it was such a great pregnancy and birth and like, I’m so happy and I would have done the same thing again but like, you know, my boobs are definitely Which bothers me. I’m like, I have stretch marks on my breast. I feel like, you know, my stomach isn’t the same and my waist is the same and my butt’s Big and my thighs are big like everything else.”

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