Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umanci talk the secret to 25 years of marriage and why they’ll never renew their vows – E! Online

stronger than ever.

Kyle Richards And Mauricio Umansky Last year celebrated a very important milestone: their 25th wedding anniversary. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Couple . gracing the latest cover of Knot Magazine in honor of the special occasion and opening up about what it takes to build a lasting, loving marriage.

Kyle told E! are,” Kyle told E! News in particular. “That energy is contagious, so I think it’s a really important thing. And respecting each other as individuals. And allowing each other to grow as people, but not separating. “

Mauricio continued, “I think that’s the most important thing about respecting each other. And obviously, having fun. And I mean laughing, sharing and being with each other.” Being open, sharing stories and telling stories.”

The real estate mogul continued, “But I can tell you that mindset is also very important. Very few people talk about the mindset for relationships, we always have the mindset for the self, the mindset for the self, things like that. Let’s talk about it. And the mindset for relationships is just as important as the mindset for yourself.”

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