Kurt Sutter’s son of chaos over shooting Jung and gun safety on set

After the fatal and tragic shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin War, many people have shared my feelings And His criticism of the incident, Now sons of Anarchy Writer and producer Kurt Sutter talks about his experiences on set with guns, safety measures, and what led to his death WarHelena Hutchins, director of photography.

As someone who enjoys FX’s . was at home on the set of sons of Anarchy and now its spinoff series Mayans MCKurt Sutter has seen a lot of gunplay on set. That’s all he said in an interview with time limitHe said that despite having guns in almost every scene, he never had a gun-related accident on any of his projects. Here it is in his own words:

I’ve tried to avoid talking, because all I can say will sound like judgment. On all my sets, from The Shield to Sons, we had guns in almost every scene, but nothing ever happened to us. We had a machine for support and protection. We had some motorcycle spills but there was never any incident with the weapon. This is because we have followed the protocol. Especially after what happened with Brandon Lee, a certain amount of safety protocols kicked into gear. We hired capable prop people, and we had actors who were smart, and there were always gun tests in front of the cast and crew.

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