Kristen Stewart’s New Horror Movie Had a Walkout at Cannes, But It Was a Positive Watching Experience

It can be easy for viewers to be shocked to see a film where the gore and violence look so real. Actors, on the other hand, aren’t surprised to know what’s in their own film after knowing what goes into making it. David Cronenberg’s New Dystopian Thriller future crimes Didn’t sit well with some of the audience members at Cannes. The festival-goers may have opted out of the film because of the strange scenes in the film.But one of the stars, Kristen Stewart, was met with a positive response while watching.

It’s No Surprise Kristen Stewart Had No Problem With Her future crimesGore sequence of. Eventually, she landed the role of Bella Swan. The Twilight Sagawho was no stranger to blood. According to insiderThe wig The actress explained that she didn’t know what the basic plot of this dystopian thriller would be, but everything came full circle while she was watching it:

We, actors, spend every single day after work, ‘What the hell are we doing?’ But then I saw the movie last night and it was very clear to me. It’s very exposed, and looks like you’re hacking limbs when you’re building something, and it’s not worth it if it doesn’t look like it.

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