Kristen Stewart and Rami Malek’s unexpected Twilight reunion will make fans LOCA – E! Online

Spidermonkey, hold on tight, because the Twi-Hards are in for a wild ride.

thank you for Rita OraBrilliant party-planning skills, two dusk The stars were brought together for only one night. According to one of the British pop star’s latest Instagram posts, Kristen Stewart And Rami Maleki helped the director Taika Waititi In the ring on his 46th birthday, along with a few other celebrities, including Ashley Benson And Kate Beckinsale.

Kristen and Rami star opposite each other breaking Dawn Part 2, which was the fifth and final installment dusk Chain. By that time, Bella (Kristen) had given birth to Edward (Robert Pattinson) Baby and they prepare for battle with the Volturi, an elite group of vampires. Rami portrayed Benjamin, a vampire who had the gift of manipulating the elements of the earth, making him a particularly important figure. dusk Universe.

In other words, fans are assuming that when Rami saw Kristen he said, “Bella, where are you, Loka?”

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