Knope’s Jordan Peele Reveals Which Peeleverse Fan Theory He Can’t Support, But Explains Why He Converses

There are some universes that lend themselves better to building fan theories than others. Jordan Peele’s work is a canon that falls right into the wheelhouse, and his 2022 movie release No Already inspiring interesting interpretations. However, when it comes to his past works, there is a theory related to We That Peele can’t fully support, even though he prefers to keep an open mind.

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The Peelverse Theory That Jordan Peele Totally Can’t Get Back

Sitting down with Reelblend Co-Host Jake Hamilton, Peele was challenged to isolate a theory about his work that he felt was clearly false. when No The director had an answer, a warning in the preface to his response that he should be open-minded to other people’s interpretations. she said, here it is We Jordan Peele’s theory that things are trickier, but wrong:

You know, I love whatever anyone comes up with. I don’t like to differentiate. There was this theory that Jason, our baby, was tied up and I thought it was a great legend, but I couldn’t back it up with an actual seal of approval from the Peelverse.

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