Kit Harington says Game of Thrones leads straight to mental health struggle

Kit Harrington spoke about mental health struggles following the end of Game of Thrones due to the intense and violent nature of the show.

Kit Harrington opened up about the mental health struggles he faced after the conclusion game of Thrones. HBO’s hit fantasy series is largely responsible for launching Harington to stardom. In the series, the actor starred as Jon Snow, believed to be the illegitimate son of Lord Edward Stark (Sean Bean). It is eventually revealed that Jon Snow’s destiny is much greater than originally thought, as he is actually the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, the heir to the Iron Throne and his nephew. Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons who returns to Westeros to reclaim her birthright.

Jon Snow’s journey is one of the toughest throughout the series, leaving Winterfell in the first season to defend the Wall against the Wildlings and the White Walkers. From there, Jon Snow eventually leaves his position and wraps up in the titular Game of Thrones, saving Westeros from threats both supernatural and human. for many, the end of game of Thrones was a huge disappointment And the show’s cast faced inappropriate backlash from the fantasy following an intense filming schedule that saw HBO produce blockbuster-scale episodes for its final few seasons.

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As the actor explains, that filming made an impact on Harington. heart that he went through major mental health struggles after the completion of filming game of Thrones. He revealed that he thinks those conflicts are directly related”the nature of the showAnd his investment in it. Harrington ultimately says that it was best to take that time off after filming the series, despite the fact that, when he wanted to return to work, it was more difficult because of the pandemic. Harrington’s full Check Out Ideas Below:

I went through some mental health difficulties afterwards throne, and during the end of throne, to be honest. I think it was directly because of the nature of the show and what I had been doing for years.

It was already widely reported that Harington had checked into a mental health facility for personal reasons after the conclusion of production. game of Thrones‘ Final season. It was clear that the production process itself had taken a toll, but fans responded that series finale game of Thrones The prospect of provocation only made things worse. Viewers weren’t afraid to express their disappointment and the show continues almost two years after it ended.

Fortunately, Harrington has continued to act after the conclusion. game of Thrones. Actors to star in next Marvel Cinematic Universe film Eternal Dan Whitman as the Black Knight. This presence could set him up for a long stint in the MCU, similar to his time game of Thrones, which completed eight years of the actor’s career. Trading on a franchise for another might, on the surface, seem like signing up for the same thing, but no one had any idea how big an HBO show would become, while the MCU is an established asset and which Planning your saga years. Advance, giving the actor enough time to prepare.

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