Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Winter Horn’s Hidden Waddle D’s Guide

Winter Horns is the third level in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and there’s the captured Waddle Dees that needs rescue hidden in each level.

Frigid Winter Horns Have a Fourth World Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and Kirby must rescue the Wadle Dees hidden in each level from this frozen wasteland. Kirby will arrive in this world when he rescues 21 Waddle Dees in the Wonderia ruins and defeats Chlorolyn, who will also unlock the Colosseum in Waddle Dee Town. In order to face the final boss at the end of Winter Horns and advance to the next world, Kirby must save at least 23 Waddle Dees from the first four levels.

As Kirby rescues Waddle Deez and sends him back Kirby and the Forgotten Lands Waddle de Town, the city will come alive with shops, homes and lots of Waddle de residents. Rescuing 145 Waddle Dees will open the Waddle D item shop, which provides buffs for Kirby’s attack, defense, and speed. After Kirby saves 155 Waddle Dees, the Flash Fishing minigame will be unlocked, giving Kirby a chance to relax between adventures and catch some fish to earn Star Coins.

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The Winter Horns World of Kirby and the Forgotten Land 49 are waddles that needs to be saved. While some of these waddles will be found at the end of levels or by unlocking trophies, others are hidden in the more obscure corners of each stage, requiring Kirby to explore thoroughly to track them all down. Although there are no Waddle Dees hidden in the final boss stage, “An Unexpected Beast King”, players can save more Waddle Dees by completing trophy achievements for this level.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – All Northeast Frost Street Waddle Dees

Saving a Waddle Dee in Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  • first hidden waddle d Kirby and the Forgotten Lands Northeast Frost Street can be found in the Vending Machine Mouthful Mode section of the stage just before Warp Star. At the end of the right-hand walkway behind the two penguins, there’s a hidden Waddle D behind a collapsible wall at the end.
  • Just before the inclined platforms, Kirby reaches after using the Warp Star, there is a breakable path on which Kirby can stand to shoot a target switch that floats nearby. New Ranger copy capability, This will open the gold gate, allowing Kirby to enter a secret room with a second target switch. Shooting the switch will create a set of stairs that Kirby can climb to reach another hidden Waddle D.
  • The third hidden Waddle D with four snowball-rolling penguins tucked into the wall behind the large inclined platform. Kirby will have to wait until the platform is tilted low enough to reveal a bomb block, which he can hit to reveal Waddle D.
  • Once Kirby reaches the Stair Mouthful Mode section of the stage, there will be a platform with a collapsible wall that does not have a set of stairs. Kirby can climb the stairs to the next level to get inside, then fall back down where the fence on the left is missing. Later Using Stare Mouthful Mode To break the wall, Kirby can walk to the end to reach Waddle D, the last hidden in the level.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – All Metro on Ice Waddle Dees

Kirby and the Forgotten Lands Metro on Ice
  • Kirby will find the first hidden Waddle D Kirby and the Forgotten Lands At snow level Metro is right next to the checkpoint where it gets the hammer copy ability. A little further down the way is a platform with four metal spikes that Kirby can hit with a hammer to reveal Waddle D under the floor.
  • The second hidden Waddle D can be found in a secret room that Kirby can enter. Using Hammer’s Copy Ability To hit the metal spikes on the column just before the first waddle D location. Kirby must collect five green crystals in the room to unlock the gate that blocks Wadle D, hidden in the upper level.
  • Third Waddle D is hidden in a chest just around the corner from the second Waddle D’s secret room. At the top of the ladder on the left side of the path is the chest behind the seal that threw the bomb.
  • Next to the stage, there are some moving platforms and a traffic cone that Kirby can breathe in on the upper level. Using the Traffic Con Mouthful Mode Kirby to break through the vulnerable part of the ground under the moving platforms. Here, there is a water pipe that will launch Kirby to the top of the platforms. As the stage moves, Kirby will be able to reach the last hidden Waddle D.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – All Windy, Freezing Sees Waddle Dies

Kirby and the Forgotten Lands rescuing a Waddle Dee in Windy, Freezing Seas
  • Waddle D, the first to hide in the air, freezing sea level Kirby and the Forgotten Land The first buffalo in the stage is trapped behind a breakable wall just behind the enemy. Kirby can get to inhale a pipe on the other side of the red boxes on this part of the path, which he can then roll into the wall using the pipe mouthful mode.
  • The second is under the stage with the Waddle D windmill. Ring Mouthful Mode Section Of the platform Kirby must blast the windmill with the wind to reduce the spikes blocking the area, then drive the boat into the collapsible wall to reach Waddle D.

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  • With Warp Star on stage, there are two enemies that Kirby can inhale to gain Fire Copy Ability. There is a small platform just below this area where Kirby can jump down. The third Waddle D is trapped behind an ice wall that Kirby can melt with his ability to fire.
  • Kirby will find the fourth Waddle D in a hole to the right of the air path where the Warp Star descends in the second half of the stage.
  • There’s a secret underground room where Kirby can jump into the hole next to the enemy-spewing dekaboo on the same air path as the 4th Waddle D. Here, Kirby must use the scissor lift mouthful mode to climb the fuse on the left side of the room, then ignite it fire copy capability, Before Fuse can reach the cannon, Kirby must again use the scissor lift mouthful mode to climb inside himself. Cannon will take him to a stage where the last Waddle D awaits.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – All the Battle of Blizzard Bridge Waddle Dees

Waddle Dees and Blizzard's Bridge Battle for the Forgotten Lands to Save in Kirby
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Lands Blizzard Bridge Stage Battle is a very simple boss rush, but after each boss there is a hidden room with a hidden waddle D. The first is on the left just behind Wild Edge, and Kirby will need to cut the traffic cone just in time to drop it onto the platform below. With Traffic Cone Mouthful Mode, Kirby can first break through the weak spot on the ground further into the room to reveal a treasure chest with Waddle D.
  • After defeating Flarina, the next hidden room will be on the right side of the bridge. Kirby to t. have to usethat whirlwind copy ability Press the button on the other side of the room to raise the platform. Waddle D is behind the collapsible wall on the left.
  • To get to the third hidden Waddle D, Kirby can use the Hammer Copy Ability to beat Wild Bonkers and stake it on the wall to the right. Kirby must stake the ground to get the platforms out of the way, then drive the car to third waddle D with Mouthful Mode on before time runs out.
  • The fourth hidden waddle is under the bridge before D Twin Wild Frosty Boss. kirby To reach it, you’ll have to jump down, then swim back upstairs without hitting the freezing water below.
  • To the right of Twin Wild Frosty there is a gap in the railing of the bridge that leads to a secret passage. Kirby can freeze the enemy on the ground inside, then hit the red button to push him through the fence and raise the stage in front of him. The final waddle D can be reached using the Pipe Mouthful mode.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land Available on Nintendo Switch.

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