Kim Kardashian’s ex jokes about Kanye West on Pete Davidson comedy show – E! online

Pete Davidson jokes about Kim Kardashian‘gender Kanye West, Well, it happened “Bound 2”.

saturday night live The star, 28, certainly wasn’t afraid to make fun of the 44-year-old “Heartless” rapper with whom she was having a fight, as she took to the stage at the Netflix Is A Joke Fest comedy event in Los Angeles.

during mutual friends Dave ChappelleAt the main event at the Hollywood Bowl on April 28, Pete made a guest appearance. He joked on stage that Kanye told him he had Pete-AIDS, deadline informed of. Pete said he was momentarily convinced it was true because the rapper “is a genius,” the outlet said.

I! News has reached out to Kanye for comment in response to Pete’s jokes.

Men’s fight started after this SNL The star began dating Kim last fall. In February, Kanye portrayed himself Pete’s kidnapping and burying alive In his “Easy” music video. Pete later texted Kanye to talk, but also sent a selfie and said He was “in bed with your wife.” (kimo) filed for divorce from kanye in February 2021.)

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