Kevin Hart Shares Lovely Throwback Post on Think Like a Man’s Anniversary and Co-Stars Like Romani Malko and Gabrielle Union Respond

To millions of viewers, Kevin Hart has been on his screens – big and small – for more than a decade. But every Hollywood superstar has humble beginnings and Hart is no different. The comedian had Hollywood success with the romantic comedy as the sadly divorced Cedric. think like a Man, By celebrating the tenth anniversary of the rom-com, he showed how much his breakout role still meant to him. Jumanji The actor didn’t celebrate the milestone alone as his co-stars replied to his sweet throwback post. It features both Gabrielle Union and Romani Malco.

Nostalgia was in the air as soon as the multihyphenate Kevin Hart took over her instagram To show pictures featuring them and the artists. He recalled how the role changed his career for the better. Hart couldn’t believe how much time had passed since the rom-com was in theaters. He pulled from a mix of images to reveal the film’s release date. check it out fatherhood The actor’s sweet throwback collection in the post below.

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