Kelly Ripa Clapping on “Weird” Claims She’s Losing a Leg – E! Online

mystery of mystery Kelly Ripaof The missing leg has been sorted out – the daytime talk show queen herself.

Despite some significant jet lag, Live The co-host took to her Instagram Story on Monday, July 5 to clear up some of the bizarre confusion on her feet. The questions started when the mother of three posted some group pictures from the group her recent family vacation. “The picture looks awesome,” read one comment. “where [sic] Your other leg Kelly.”

Another echoed, “Kelly I’m worried you only have one leg in the first picture.” As this fan added, “It’s crazy but where are your feet?”

The confusion was just as surprising for Ripa. “Maybe I’m just jet-lagged, but can you explain to me,” she asked, “why are people fixated on my feet in a family photo?”

husband Mark Consuelos Shouted, “Looks like you’re missing a leg.”

But as the other photos proved, that’s just not the case. “Well, obviously I’m not as it is in the other pictures,” she quipped back. “Could it be that I just crossed one leg over the other?”

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