Keke Palmer gets candid about being filmed by a fan against her will: ‘My privacy was invaded’

Keke Palmer is a very popular actress these days. Coming into 2019 with an exceptional performance hustler and hosted last year’s Disney+ Food Sculpting Contest foodtastic (which was an acting exercise in itself), she started what is sure to be a huge 2022 with the release of Alice, As her star continues to rise, there’s no doubt that her identity factor is rising too, and Palmer has spoken out after an incident in which a fan filmed her against her will.

Keke Palmer’s Portrait of a Slave in the antebellum south Alice It was one of the many projects that viewers will see this year, as she is already finding her voice. caste human resource And The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, There are still two much awaited projects – light yearwhere will she take us “Infinite and Beyond” opposite Chris Evans’ Buzz Lightyear in toy Story the character’s origin story as Izzy Hawthorne, and Jordan Peele’s Sci-Fi Horror No, While all of this may mean less anonymity when he’s out and about, Palmer still expects fans to respect his privacy. she recently Twitter Details of an unfortunate fan conversation:

No means no, even if it is not related to sex. I was at the bar that day and this girl asked me for a picture three times and I told her well three times that I don’t want [to] take one with him. she still [proceeded] For filming me against my will..

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